Laura Z Organisation Brie-Champenoise takes care of everything. You only have the choice pleasure !

Our philosophy is to carry out a customized top-of-the-range reception according to your dreams and desires. At the same time, we respect your budgetary constraints.

We build together a projected budget item by item of the whole event, which will be attached to our contract and which we commit ourselves not to exceeding. We are at your side, and especially we are listening to you, to the definition of a topic, the choice of the place, the choice of the announcement, gifts of guests, research, the negotiation and the coordination of the providers, the schedule management, the guests managements (transport, reception, hotels), the budget management and our presence during the D-day (in option).

You will directly settle the services in order to guarantee a complete transparency. We accompany you during all the organization stages of your event, without schedules restrictions. We are at your service, but you have the final decision.

Fees : calculated on a total estimate including all taxes, 15% including all taxes.

Fees minimum : 3,000 € including all taxes.


An appointment is initially organized with each provider before the D-Day.

Laura-Z Organisation Brie-Champenoise and its team will be present at the D-Day so that you can enjoy this particular day without any stress.

Fees : starting from 900 € including all taxes, we’ll define together the right fees according to the event complexity and the guests number.


If you want to manage your event organization yourself, you can receive advice from our experts in events.

We can help you to find your wedding topic, the better place and various providers who correspond best to your waitings and budget.

Laura-Z Organisation Brie-Champenoise puts its know-how and its address book at your disposal in order to help you to build and realize your dream wedding.

Fees : 150 € including all taxes / hour on the basis of an estimate (with a minimum of 6 hours).